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My name is Cyril Adamek.


When I was a kid I started with a bike trial. I was riding my bike every day, bike trial gave me the base for bike handling. Even though my level was never so high I am glad for all the drills I had done as they gave me the feeling and love for the bikes. Thanks to that I can do mountain biking in Lofoten now. The most beautiful place on the Earth!


I found this company with a love of Lofoten and biking. I believe that mountain biking is not only great fun but also an effective way to physical and psychical health. It is the perfect way how to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty and realise how important role it plays in the quality of human life. 


Lofoten Bike is a project aiming to make biking more accessible for everyone, make mountain biking sustainable and positive for the local community, support local bike trails and protect nature here in Lofoten. Therefore a part of the profit goes to preserve the local environment as I believe it should be standard for all businesses to pay back to the Earth for what we take. 


I am looking forward to showing you my favourite trails and places. 

Cyril Adamek Lofotenbike MTB Tour operator
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