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Lofoten Islands, Norway bike tour

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands are definitely one of the world’s most spectacular places to visit. An incredible mountain landscape combined with sandy beaches and the turquoise ocean is guaranteed breathtaking views and a true paradise for mountain bikers as well as all outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain biking in the Lofoten archipelago provides a large variety of terrain, from steep challenging descends and flowy trails full of obstacles offering lots of creativity and fun to very enjoyable trails and family routes. 

Lofoten beach, Norway bike trip

Lofoten Islands are one of the most beautiful places in Norway. Lofotens are located high above the arctic circle but thanks to the Gulf Stream the climate is relatively warm. Lofoten consists of five main islands and each offers a wide range of activities. If you are planning a bike trip to Norway you'll love it here! Lofoten can offer a world-class mountain bike terrain as well as great road biking opportunities.

Lofoten Islands, daily mtb tours

Biking is not only fun but also a great way to connect with nature and local culture in Lofoten, there are no better views than from a bike seat. I am really grateful to live in such a place. I want to do my best to protect Lofoten so I am putting a part of the profit from LOFOTENBIKE.COM to help to preserve the local environment.

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