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Half day bike tour in Lofoten Island, Norway

Mountain Bike Half-day Tour

This trail is a must for every mountain biker visiting Lofoten! You will experience stunning views on every corner. While enjoying the scenery you will ascend and descend the perfect mountain bike trail for intermediate riders. This is a great mountain bike tour mostly on a flowy trail with beautiful views.  From the plateau are panoramic 360-degree views of the breathtaking landscape. You will see fjords with hundreds of little islands spread along the coast, steep mountains with dramatic cliffs rising right from the ocean and majestic eagles in the sky. Natural trail and very enjoyable for intermediate skilled riders as well as experienced advanced riders. The plateau section is fast, fun and flowy with many fun features followed by a technical rocky section. The bottom of the hill is through a conifer forest with some roots and rocks to spice up the experience.

Available from the second half of May till October

Daily at 9:00 and 14:00 /9.00 am and 2.00 pm/

3-4 Hours Trip

For intermediate skilled riders

Meeting point

Restplace/ Parking lot close by Leknes on the road 815. Hagskarveien 156, 8370 Leknes

Google Plus Code 5M5W+53 Leknes

68°09'29.0"N 13°41'39.7"E

68.158045, 13.694353


We will meet at the parking lot at the bottom of the trail. Drinking water and a toilet are available in the parking lot. Finish at the same place 3-4 hours later and happier.

The Terrain and Difficulty

All intermediate skilled riders with moderate fitness will love this trail! It is well balanced natural trail offering fun at a high speed as well as some technical challenges. The uphill is around 400 altitude meters. Half of the uphill section is usually possible to pedal up, the rest is pushing the bike uphill. The top plateau section is a fast, fun and flowy trail with obstacles to jump or roll over. Fast-track is followed by a technical section with rocks and boulders. This rocky section in the middle of the hill will put in test your bike handling skills. Some people may skip this section by pushing the bike. The bottom of the hill is through a forest with some roots and rocks to spicy the experience.


What to bring?

  • Full suspension bike

  • Helmet

  • Extra clothes - wind or rain jacket

  • Water, food/snacks

Recommended are: extra protection, gloves, knee and elbow pads, spine protector etc 

the guide can provide a first aid kit and tools for a basic bike repairs

You can rent the bike Trek Slash 8 for this trip for 400 NOK (the rent of the bike is  recommended to book in advance!) 

Price: 1100 NOK

Are you interested in this tour? Let´s book it!

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